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Digital Media Creator . Visual Storyteller .

Welcome to my digital portfolio! As a creator, I specialize in showcasing compelling stories through video work, photography, and 3D modeling. I'm passionate about capturing moments and bringing them to life through visual artistry. This space is dedicated to sharing my journey and the unique experiences that have shaped my work.

Whether it's crafting immersive video narratives, capturing breathtaking landscapes through photography, or sculpting digital worlds in 3D, I aim to ignite emotion and spark imagination in every project. Join me on this creative adventure and explore the power of visual storytelling.


I was born in Colombia and moved to the US when I was twelve. Ever since coming to the country, I have been determined to find new challenges and push myself to be the best version I can be. I was able to communicate in English very proficiently after two years of being in the country. I was then able to take pre-AP and AP classes and excel academically. I graduated top 20 in my class from Bentonville West High School and attended John Brown University.

As a double major in Digital Cinema and Visual Effects and a minor in Art and Illustration, I have gained great appreciation for video making. I fell in love with the process of planning a project and watching it go through all the production stages. My favorite stage is post-production. When it comes to editing, I can get lost for hours behind the computer and edit with such organization and attention to detail. While sometimes it can be overwhelming, I absolutely cherish the learning experience and problem solving that comes with organizing files and taking them from being just video files to a complete story.


Davinci Resolve

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Lightroom




DJI Drones

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